What lies beneath

What lies beneath, hidden by time
captured in a forgotten thought
is ours to find, the reason we sought.

When our journey is uncertain
sand is blowing over our track
we must move on, there is no way back.

picture by Marieke Piek, made at Terschelling 2011


Comments on: "What lies beneath" (8)

  1. just taking 10 mins time out. this is lovely! typing on tablet and not used to it so wont write any more! LOL. love and hugs christine xx

  2. Really like this, Ina. I love the comparison to traveling through a sandstorm, turning around more harazadous than moving forward.

    You are one of the best poets I’ve come across since blogging. Beautiful form and clarity. I always feel you really know what you are writing ‘about’. Congratulations on your book coming out in March (I love the name of your publisher)

    • Hi bardess, thank you very much! I am very pleased you like my poems. Also thank you for the congratulations 🙂

  3. Let me correct my spelling in the previous comment!

    …turning around more HAZARDOUS than moving forward.

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