Was I the only one who thought of you,
Nehalennia, on this stormy day
when not only ships were sailing, passing through
but also thoughts drifted, floating away?

Did someone else think about you, and who
you were, guiding ships from our island bay
going across those tempest waters to
shores unknown, uncertain in a way?

I saw you, watching the ships sailing too
from a cloud, on that cold stormy day.

Nehalennia was a Roman Goddess, origine perhaps Celtic or French, who guided ships. She was worshipped in Zeeland, in the South-West of the Netherlands where here altars were found in the sea.

Today I noticed a female figure in the centre of the sky in this pic, made by my husband,  and thought of this Goddess.

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  1. Fascinating and educational, too. I had never heard of this goddess. The Romans were very good at assimilating local goddesses such as this one, similar to what happened at Bath (Aquae Sulis, Britannia), where the British goddess Sulis was linked to the Roman Minerva.
    You may well have been the only one to think to Nehalennia, Ina, but I’m glad you did.

    • Hi David, thank you very much. I read Nehallennia was maybe the same as Freya, but no one seems to know for sure. 🙂

  2. Nicely written – I like the visual imagery, the atmosphere this captures of ships and storms. (And I too had never heard of Nehalennia – interesting!)

  3. That is a truely beautiful picture – your husband is to be congratulated on that.

    And I love the poem you put with it.

    A booklet of your poems and your husband’s pictures about life on the island would be fascinating reading.



    • Hi David, thank you very much. I would love to have a camera and make them too, but those modern digital things are a bit too technical for me I suppose and I don’t see that well either. Still, with a baby around to be the best model ever, I am seriously thinking of trying 🙂 I hope you see the figure in the clouds too. I am starting to wonder if I really am the only one who does lol. See the hair waving?

      I will consider making the booklet if you do the same with your Leeds poems and photo’s! 🙂



  4. That photograph and prose is so striking. Everytime I read your work I am transported. Sometimes it back to my own journey and experience in the Netherlands. I thank you wholeheartedly for making Holland live again in my memories. If you go to my tag “Holland” you will some of my visual interpretations of my visit there with several artists in 1990.

  5. Ina the tag is “Highwire Gallery” not Holland.

  6. Oooh! Again quite beautiful, Ina. I could read your poetry all day, it draws me into its observations and inspirations. The photograph, the scene are wonderful…and the poem to come out of a break in the clouds…

    Thank you for the information about Nehalennia.

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