Pin up

You look smart, dark grey trousers
that you insist are black
and a new light blue shirt,
the kind that is pinned up in the package,
under your blue jacket that you think is grey.

We manage to find a tie with a Paisley design
somewhere in a box with other old stuff.

Minutes before you leave to catch the ferry
I discover a remaining pin on your shirt,
just above your fly.

While you are being politically important
I smile, feeling almost important too
as the woman that noticed the pin
before disaster.


Comments on: "Pin up" (12)

  1. This is brilliant Ina! I love it; it’s “right up my street” as we say!

    You made me laugh out loud and the sun is shining – a good start to anyone’s day!

    Love and hugs


    • Hi Christine 🙂 It happend like that yesterday! I am pleased it made you laugh. Have a nice sunny day!
      Love and hugs

  2. Well, behind every good son is a super heroine mother! Yes, I made that up, but it’s true, of course. Again, sensitively written and it works so well.

    • Husband, not son lol. 🙂 He needed to look smart for his local council trip, he is coming home today! Thank you very much David!

  3. Behind every great man there is a great woman.

    Loved this – made me smile out loud 🙂


  4. Sounds perfect, absolutely how life is made–woman saving man from his pinned up self.

  5. scavinold said:

    This is very close to knowing you. A captured moment of your everyday.

  6. Love the descriptive details and wit here! The playfulness of this doesn’t hide something a little sarcastic…at least as I’m hearing it. But, for me, that makes it even more enjoyable.

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