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In love

In love with all I sense around me,
that was already here, waiting patiently
until I had sense enough to feel
how rain could clean me,
wash away cluttered neglect,
I know it’s real:
in this love with life I feel reborn.

Outside I hear the storm, the sea;
to me, when I was much forlorn,
it was unknown that all this
waited there for me.

While I was none aware,
my senses must have grown,
and they no longer hide now.

I feel you think of me,
my hands reach out to get the phone,
a moment later it does ring, and it is you.

Through the moving curtain
a scent of tar is blown in by the wind
from a ship that has long gone.

Life comes to me as I’m grounded on my feet
and certain of the things I’ve done.
I know love now as I am in it.
All of me, I am surrounded.

Pin up

You look smart, dark grey trousers
that you insist are black
and a new light blue shirt,
the kind that is pinned up in the package,
under your blue jacket that you think is grey.

We manage to find a tie with a Paisley design
somewhere in a box with other old stuff.

Minutes before you leave to catch the ferry
I discover a remaining pin on your shirt,
just above your fly.

While you are being politically important
I smile, feeling almost important too
as the woman that noticed the pin
before disaster.


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