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We were in Whispering Love

How well it is to be with you
during this storm,
to know that we are
now together,
in a place called
“Whispering Love”.

The rented bed is ours
for just one night.

Tomorrow may be different
and yesterday I missed you.
This time will be enough
for now.

Take my hand,
nothing is certain.
Yet we are here
to bravely steal this night.

And outside, rain
is battering the windows
over and over again,
gusting wild, moving sand and more
from one place to another.

But we are only us, in such
familiar way together,
in a bed, a room
we never saw before.

We dwell in motions
under black and waving veils
of a ghastly weather.

We hear the storm
while you touch me
and we let Whispering Love,
room number seven,
be our home tonight.

How right it feels
to be with you. To make
love in our rented heaven.

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