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New colour + “Veritas” update :)

The haunting images you knew about, are fading
into pale aquarelles softly whispering of the past,
and we go on
as I learn of your reasons of sadness too.

We can only find ongoing life in this madness
in not being scared of the rest
of the world.

The images, drawn in haste
with harsh coal, now give colours
in a world that is whole.

first published as a note on my Facebook page November 2011.

The last few days we (the chief editor and I)  have been working on the final edition of “Veritas”, and now it is on its way to the typesetter! 🙂
I am also busy with my Dutch novel, that I want to be finished before Xmas. This means writing long hours, so I am sorry I am not keeping up with every one’s blog, it is a bit hectic. I will try and read everyone I am subscribed to. 🙂 From what I have seen in my mail, there are some awesome postings!

Until soon!

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