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There is no one else now,
and hollow are the lines remembered,
the funeral has left you standing in a vacuum of time.
Where the priest said words suggesting
a fine eternity for the beloved,
now is air and only air, yet you fail to breath.
This day has meaning that you cannot grasp.

No one should allow the traffic on the nearby road,
a dog is barking in the distance,
builders work at a construction site:
indifferent noises interfering grieve,
as if to make a point that life goes on
when it so clearly doesn’t.

Some arm around your shoulders tells you
it is time to leave the graveyard now.
You want to tell the person not to bother,
as you don’t know now how to walk,
let alone that you could leave,
but when you look, there is no other.

And rain is pouring, a sympathetic gesture
from the unseen sky.
Down in the earth, the bones are resting
in dead flesh that soon will rot away.

Should you not care then?
And, ask, for god sake, why?

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