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Before it happened

Once, time meant none to us, was just a phrase
we didn’t know about. We were together on the beach
and felt the wonder of this place, our secret heaven.

In silenced golden light, awaiting changing of the weather
we found a sort of peace, a moment lasting our lifetime.

A storm was soon to come, but in this dreamed eternity,
just before the dark took over, I was one in thought with you,
our bodies one as well, unknown there would be a goodbye
that could not be avoided.

I don’t remember now how long we stayed upon that beach.
The first rain fell, while in the village, the church bell started ringing,
to warn of danger and of flood. The storm began and damaged all.

When the night gave up to hide its shame,
it was revealed as well that you were gone.

Searching in the sand, I only found the faded contours of your name,
and, washed ashore among the debris of the storm,
was time to think of once, and us,
the way we were before it happened.

photo by Toussaint

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