Val’s challenge!

Val’s challenge  On Val’s wonderful blog I found a challenge. I wrote  a poem to go with this painting and I hope it turned out alright.

sometimes I see you in a morning cloud
a friendly face for just a second
then floating on in horror scenes
and never staying long to be the same
making me  wish I could be there
along with you, move on in air and light

at times you pop up in a flower bed
between the colours I can’t name
you are in rivers when the sun is setting
across the water in some pink and red
where  I see you drifting on
past memories and sweet forevers

I suppose it is not me
whom you are searching
in clouds and flowers
in singing birds and leafless trees
or in colours drifting to the sea
I see you anyway
in all that nature shows me.


Comments on: "Val’s challenge!" (10)

  1. empressalice said:

    I love it. its perfect. “a friendly face for just a second
    then floating on in horror scenes” Great line. thankyou for sharing.
    Stay true

  2. Hi Ina,

    You have done this painting proud!

    I think I have seen this painting before on an earlier blog by BH. It is, indeed, a beautiful picture as are all those I have seen so far.

    Your second stanza is my favourite. It is beautiful and a poem in itself! I am printing this poem to keep.

    Love and hugs

    Christine xx

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you very much! I wanted a different flow in the 5th line, not sure it works lol. Maybe that is a bit too creative!

      BH has also done a beautiful poem with one of Val’s paintings that I read. It is great when talented artists like that inspire each other!

      I am thrilled you like it enough to print! 🙂 Thank you.

      Love and hugs and good luck baking 🙂


  3. Hi, I’ve placed a ‘Like’ here for your poetry which I do like. 🙂 Thank you for taking part in my challenge, I appreciate that.

  4. Lovely poem Ina and it suits the picture.

  5. Nicely done — starts out as a beautiful love poem and the tapers off into the mists of unrequited love. Very nicely done!

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