A Pitchford Fibonacci : C

she brings us treasures
while she crawls higher on the beach
each move she makes entering,  she withdraws a little

high tide is the quiet moment
moment for reflection in time

each move she makes  withdrawing, she lingers a little
while she crawls back from the beach
leaving us treasures
going now

this is an attempt to do a Pitchford Fibonacci, as “invented” by David M. Pitchford

the title “C” is  one of the vagaries in the English language


Comments on: "A Pitchford Fibonacci : C" (7)

  1. wow. I really like what you did with the form. I especially like the meaning/antonym rhyme between “flood” and “ebb”. Great work.

  2. I love this form as it creates a visual with the poetry…for some reason I so enjoy looking at the arrangement of words ‘on the page’, especially in poetry.

    Form aside, I love the peaceful mood and description of this, the ‘withdrawing’ and ‘lingering’, ‘entering’ and ‘leaving’. It literally ebbs and flows, something more about life than just a walk on a beach.

    You are a wonderful poet, Ina!

    • Thank you very much ! 🙂 I am very pleased with your comment. I have seen some incredible shapes of poetry, like a full circle, but I am not going to try that, too complicated 🙂

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