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A Pitchford Fibonacci : C

she brings us treasures
while she crawls higher on the beach
each move she makes entering,  she withdraws a little

high tide is the quiet moment
moment for reflection in time

each move she makes  withdrawing, she lingers a little
while she crawls back from the beach
leaving us treasures
going now

this is an attempt to do a Pitchford Fibonacci, as “invented” by David M. Pitchford

the title “C” is  one of the vagaries in the English language

A blanket of seaweed

A blanket of seaweed was it’s presence,
that I found on the beach
and tried to spread over the sand.
It waved on a breeze coming in from the sea.

It was light to me, colour and weight,
more friend than ever friendship was
it covered me, sheltered me for a moment
but as the wind turned east,
getting colder, stronger,
I was not strong enough.

I let it slip out of my hand, it went
somewhere far across the water,
it disappeared. It was your love.

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