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My poem is leaving home today

My poem is done packing, and leaving home today
for a wandering trip, I don’t know where he’ll stay
nor what will become of him. He says it’s time to go.
He always was an awkward boy, they’ve often told me so.
A grown up poem needs to have some luck and a good rhythm
as well as editors and readers who are with him
to make it in the world of haiku, sonnet and free verse.
So here he goes, please treat him well, dear sirs.
A child alone he is to me, no money to his name,
walking on the road to find a publisher and fame.

There was a comma between us

There was a comma between us, our names
on the contributor’s list in the book,
done so for alphabetical reasons,
(both our names starting with “I”) there we were,
only divided by interpunction.

Two years after our break up it was, when
in that bookshop, I bought an eraser.
While her eyes seemed to know what my plan was,
the assistant peeked over my shoulder.
The comma erased, we both took a look.
The result was a stain. I closed the book.


entry for thursday poets rally week 19 , Oct. 2011

Deutsche Leute (repost, in a different poetry form)

There is an opening in the mess that was her Dresden house,
once, two days ago. Now the flames are gone, she sees the sky,
still trembling in the heat.
Some half burned pigeons shiver before dying,
glorious day of victory has come.

In grotesk embraces people lie;
in the bathroom, where the toilet still remains,
her neighbours became coal. She never knew they had pink tiles –
it’s morning glow.

The church does stand, for now, but god is dead
and out-of-place. Her eyes take in for later to begrieve,
she leaves the city to a newer horror phase,
as she survived.

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