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Where our friendship went

I walked along the shore again to think
and realize I’ve chosen to feel deep
as only in myself, my vows can keep
and stay in honesty, so no to sink.
Though difficult it is to understand
why sometimes my own right will have to give
as it makes easier the way I live
and I can walk with someone hand in hand.

A little while a wave became my friend
to keep me company in my sad pace
and told me it’s the same in every place,
but then and there our strolling had to end.

In time to wonder where our friendship went,
the wave died on the land without a trace.

I tried to do a Petrarchan sonnet, if this is one, please tell me

How do I call it?

“Can I call you?” he said, and I nodded,
but he called me at three in the night
when my bed is my heaven and haven.
Now he sleeps for a while at my side.

It is nice to have someone to sleep with,
and to warm up my feet in the cold.
But by now, two months later, I wonder
what he’s called, as I never was told.


Life goes on

So you went on a day in October,
when no one could hear you go.
In the morning you went,
and no tears were shed,
the walls just came tumbling down.

Curtains were torn,
black birds flew over the street,
where in grey there was no god to shelter
or give room to grieve, you just went.

As you had come, you just went away.
No one even heard you leave, there was
no goodbye, but disbelieve in our eyes.

There is no turning back
for those who have gone,
and we move on with our lives.
Without you.

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