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Change of life

I see you now not like before,
someone who lived and sinned
and cared and cried and more.
Your body is all you, not only
the outside is beautiful to me
in all it’s aging truth.
The way you are,
is how I want you.
I never wanted just your youth.

Life not to stay you were

Life not to stay, you were
and left in early morning
when sun should have been shining
on your face.
Life not to be, not to remain
you were, so short in time,
you left the living more than dead

My ego has no point

write as slender number one,
but only in my humble lower case,
seem to have a point.

Starting all over

The morning doesn’t have it yet, halfway being and in bed
I wonder where my mind has gone to.
But after coffee and the news, I know the day is there
and I am over everything, including maybe you.

You left your watch, I also found some socks
(three to be exact, and none of them a pair).
I’ll keep them just in case, but don’t think I still care.
This is a new beginning, with all the windows open.

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