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Weil Mutti tanzen möchte

there they waltzed, on the square
being kids, both in Sunday clothes

while the soldiers were marching
on the same village square
they were dancing

in the sunlight
during their teenage years,
waltzing, always waltzing there

in the ruins
of the burned city
dancing faster then,
making baby’s

and in slow fox
dancing cheek to cheek
in the kitchen

hand in hand
eye in eye

drifted apart
on different sides
of the Berlin wall

reunited after the fall
on a different square
where people started dancing,
twisting, waltzing

beyond life they dance
on and on
on and on

weil Mutti tanzen möchte

(because Mommy would like to dance)


the pic was used on the cover of the album The Ragpicker\’s dream by Mark Knöpfler

The original pic was made by Elliott Erwitt

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