Free are the thoughts on those sailing ship dreamdays,
these will be memories treasured for ever.
Bleached is their hair and there’s salt in their blood veins.
Nobody sails with a mate he can’t trust well.

These will be memories treasured for ever.
Long may they live and to sail many vessels!
Young are the mates of these vessels gone sailing.

Bleached is their hair and there’s salt in their blood veins,
far from the place where their ships should be sailing,
home in their hearts but that never is mentioned.

Nobody sails with a mate he can’t trust well,
trust is the reason the mates get along on
ships that are free on those sailing ship dreamdays.

I wrote this poem yesterday on the ferry thinking of my son who is a mate on the clipper “Actief”; the pictures were made a few days ago by my husband Toussaint when the ship entered the harbour of Terschelling. The poem: I tried to do another trimeric, and I wanted to do it in alcomanic verse (I was reading Staying alive before I started and that is where I found this rhythm) Not sure if it worked, but it was fun doing, the 2 hour journey went very fast this way!


Comments on: "A mate’s thoughts on sailing ship dream days" (8)

  1. ps the example “Staying Alive” gives for the alcomanic metric is:
    “These are the days of the horrible headlines.”

    The rhythm they say that it is in: _ * * _ * * _ * * _ _ This means “headlines” is stressed twice, I don’t hear that in the word though. So I had the last syllables _ * (Stressed, unstressed) Hope I make sense!

  2. This is lovely Ina and so are the photographs.

    My main comment is on your sea poetry site.

    Love and huhs xx

    • “huhs” !!?? Sorry – hand again! πŸ™‚ xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much, it is nice to make pictures every now and then, we tend to forget to do that. It is so lovely here at the moment, even at night the sea is still warm. I think we are having our Summer now! Pity most of the guests are gone, but it leaves the place all for us! And we enjoy…;)

      Hope you are enjoying good weather too!

      Love and a big hug

  3. Beautiful – both poem and pictures.

    A perfect start to a quiet October afternoon.

    You are an inspiration Ina, with your willingness to try new things and your ability to make them work.
    I do like that rhythm – perhaps I will try πŸ™‚

    Love and Hugs


    • Hi David, wow I like that, being an inspiration, thank you very much! πŸ™‚ I think the fact you give encouraging comments is inspiring to me to keep trying to make poems. So it works both ways πŸ™‚

      I hope you will try and do that rhythm, it is fun.

      Love and hugs to you too,


  4. I’m definitely going to have a crack at the trimeric – but I don’t imagine it will be as good as yours. As David said, you’re an inspiration.

    • Hi Nick, thank you very much, I kind of like this trimeric, I wonder what sort of rhyming scheme would work best. Have a crack! πŸ™‚ I am convinced you will make something great!

      I hope you had time to cycle and enjoy the Indian Summer!

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