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The air was filled with grieve

The air was filled with grieve,
no matter how I aired the room,
it wouldn’t leave.
It lived with me, it shared my bed,
it was in every word I said.
Light seemed to matter more to me
than it ever did before,
I searched for it even at night.
The grieve was in the colours
that became more grey,
if they were bright.
I drunk my grieving tea
and tasted apples that were sour.
The weight of grieve was felt
throughout the hour, every day,
never leaving me alone.
But Autumn came.
The trees lost all their leaves,
the light was silver, there were storms.
No day too soon came my relieve.
An end came to my hurt,
grieve left October third,
at half past noon.

entry for poetry picnic week 7 love and loss

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