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So now you notice me
in wallpaper shadows,
in the cups in the sink
and the laundry in the dryer.

Tomorrow, I think,
my shadow will be gone,
the dishes done.
I will leave my laundry though,
so you will have items
to remember me by
and how it was in bed.

And besides,
it is not all completely dry
just yet.

David M Pitchford used some of this poem in his beautiful Souvenirs of you – click here

Trimeric on time

A moment has no measure
I recall some endless seconds
but time is a given spoil sport,
we count away precious time

I recall some endless seconds,
waiting for news either good or bad.
Some moments last forever

but time is a given spoil sport,
we invented the word,
now we have to keep pace

We count away precious time
captivated in hours, minutes, seconds
and never. Always, for ever.

I read about trimerics this morning  on this site   Writing by stone    and tried one .

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