My bubble

I think of you while I am in this odd position, opposite the window, my legs in a sort of yoga bend way, but still relaxed, as I do nothing. I watch. Clouds, blue pieces of sky, clouds again. I do nothing.
My eyes start to water, my legs hurt now. I won’t do anything. I am not thinking of you, am I. Clouds go by.
Every shape is your face. I do nothing. I feel nothing. I am getting over.

It is getting darker, but slowly, and I didn’t notice till now. It is cold. I have to lift myself up. Out of this position, away from this window. The clouds are now moonlit hills. I have to lift myself up. The cat needs food.
I can only crawl. My legs are stung by hundreds of bees.
I grab a pillow and close my eyes. Over you. I have to be over you now. Lift myself up.

I wake up when the sun shines in my face. And again I think of you. Another day starts. More clouds.

I am not here at all.
My body is numb.
I am away for a bit.
Out of myself.
Somewhere nice,
my own world.
I am not here.
Don’t look me up,
I like it where I am.
I am in a bubble
drifting away from it all
coping with your absence.

entry for bluebellbooks slam week 11


Comments on: "My bubble" (34)

  1. Very intense pain here Ina. Write it out!

  2. Clouds go by.
    Every shape is your face. I do nothing. I feel nothing. I am getting over.

    love it you speak of my mindset now, best wishes.

    fantastic story.

  3. This is one terrific poem.

    I love the story it tells



  4. This is so, so beautiful and I felt absolutely every painful word of it.

    It totally gripped me!

    Love and hugs xx

  5. Kay Salady said:

    This is excellent writing, Ina! xoXox

  6. Beautifully descriptive, Ina. I can feel the pain of loss and the desire to be that bubble, floating away from the pain. Nicely done!

  7. I love the way in which you use the passage of time … first blue clouds … then moonlit hills … then sunshine again … to highlight the sense of being shut off from the world , wrapped up in your “bubble” …
    A lovely interpretation of the picture prompt !

  8. brilliant, thanks ..

  9. what a fantastic write so sad and filled with pain. It is good that you get it out and express your feelings. this is brilliant. thanks for sharing

  10. Wondeful take on the prompt, Ina. A sad yet well written poem.

  11. very masterful writing,

    it hits home in many senses, thanks for sharing.

  12. Your piece speaks of vulnerability; exellently expressed.
    A very well written post. Hopefully the feeling will go away as fast as the soap bubble pops. Very good job.

  13. A.B. Thomas said:

    fantastic piece, there is a certain amount of vunerability yet wispishness

    • Hi and thank you! I looked up wispishness and found wimpishness and still not sure what it means 🙂 From wimp?

  14. Brilliant poetry, well done

  15. I think it’s brilliant, too.

  16. Oh, so sad… I think a bubble would definitely come in handy for floating away from problems… I know I’d like one 🙂


    posted your interview,

    come to short story slam week 12 if you can, bless your day.

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