Europe’s lover

There was no breeze and all fell still,
even the rain
We were not here on earth,
there was no time.
There was no death nor birth
It was a moment as it never will
be here again, so full.
As you said yes. And I gave in.
My Zeus. Was I to think you were a bull?

Not really…

pic from wikipedia by Gustave Moreau

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Comments on: "Europe’s lover" (25)

  1. Very nice Ina, the first line captured me 🙂

  2. Well written and what a nice twist. Classic with a modern touch. Love it!

  3. Before and after… “It was a moment as it never will” – it should be many moments like that. 🙂

  4. Fun! I never bought the idea that those girls didn’t recognize a god when they had one (:

  5. *Big Grin*

    This brought a very healthy chuckle to my day.



    • 🙂 Well I think one can tell if a bull is really a bull or a god, surely? Glad to know you can still grin 🙂


  6. a moment of nothing and everything,

    enjoyed it.

  7. way to go, how simple yet beautiful it is to read a complex story in such an easy form.

    brilliant wriitng.

  8. There is beautiful imagery in your words. A mystical feel to it.
    Congratulations on your Honroable Mention … well deserved.

  9. your writing about the moment was so beautiful you showed how moments themselves are art.

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