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Forbidden love

It is in the shiver of the apple tree leaf,
the tremble of the spider’s web
and miles away from there,
the fallen snow, touching the ground.
It is the sound that’s everywhere
growing harder, more, to cover
all your crying of this eve,
because you know
you shouldn’t love her.

Son and father

It can’t be
that you lived in me and now
you will be father soon,
it just can’t be.
I held you what, the other day?
I sheltered you, you drank from me,
we were a team, the two of us,
against the world, we went our way.
And now you form your own league
just like that,
and live goes on. It can.

To a newer time in fantaseconds

If we can move something faster than light,
we can make it go back in time,
what is time then?
Where is Einstein?
What is truth? And when
does it happen?

Faster than light I will
go back in time
and change my future.
Or did I already?

(In September 2011, a paper from the OPERA collaboration indicated detection of muon neutrinos traveling faster than light, with 6.0-sigma significance. source: wikipedia)

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