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My nasty nation

Can there be worse people than we Dutch,
we are too much of everything that’s bad.
It is so sad, we are too many as in number
and how we think that we can speak
in any other language, as we do,
with such thick accents like we have, and
make a mess of every sort of grammar too.
We want our guests to eat raw herring,
as we know they hate it much,
we insist they really must,
it makes my toes curl of disgust.
And how we like to give the world
one of our moralistic sermons!
There’s no worse people than us Dutch.

Except maybe the Germans.

It will be never

No birds must sing where you are dead
and flowers should be gone,
alone the mist can be with me
there, once your life is done.

Mist where I can pretend to see
your face, forever you,
and all that was, won’t matter.
Life won’t be the way it was,
it will be never.

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