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We chased the idiot out of the village.
He was blamed for the arson and flood
as all the Jews were already gone and dead.
And he lied so much, mother, he lied so much.
so we ran him out of town and chased him away.
He had it coming, he had scared us, mother.

He was crying and demanding his mother
whom he called Maria, when he left our village.
We were so glad he finally went far away.
He was stoned to death, there was a red flood,
so much blood, mother, all his fault, so much
did we hate him, for all that he did he is dead.

We can all be glad now the village idiot is dead
and he can’t hide behind the apron of his mother
where he would scold and scare us so much
that we were about to give up the village,
especially after the days of the horrible flood,
when even the nuns were afraid and went away.

Now the village idiot is finally away
and if it is true what they say, then he is dead,
they have thrown his burned corpse in the flood
and the only one crying was his old mother,
who will never go back to this village
where the idiot was hated so much.

Now we can have a feast and drink much
as the son of god and his mother both are away,
we can now make our own rules in the village
without worrying what may be once we’re dead,
and do you remember that face of the mother?
No, it is good that they’re gone in the flood.

There was so much red drifting away in the flood
But we hated him, mother, we hated so much!
He was human like us, as he too had a mother.
Why could he not just have gone far away?
He is haunting me mother, though he is dead
I don’t think he ever will leave our village.

His mother and him are now drifting in the flood,
gone from the village where happened so much,
but is he away, mother, now he is gone, really dead


entry for thursday poets rally sept. 2011 (week 21 or 52)


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