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Ina’s Sestina :)

The couple came in separate cars to this old place
discussing final issues of their marriage.
They enter,  in a hostile way sit down.
While rain is pouring on the window of the pub,
she tries to find out what the menu has to offer
He says: “I’ll have a beer, and you can have the children.”

He laughs out loud, then sees her picture of the children.
He finds it’s not the time and not the place
for her to make him such a blackmail offer,
as she has always tried to do so in this marriage,
but she won’t talk about it in the pub.
She says this fight is making her feel down

He looks away, by accident the papers then fall down.
On the floor both crawl to recollect, they feel like children,
making a spectacle of themselves here in the pub.
(Once this was such a nice, respectable good place)
But they don’t care, they’re here to end a marriage.
The waiter says that lamb is now on special offer.

She knows he won’t have much to offer,
as he already often let her down.
She always was the strong one in this marriage
and she is better with the children,
feeling  more at home and in her place
while he would spend his money in the pub.

It’s getting later in the tired pub,
it seems this place has nothing more to offer,
as it has always been a shabby place.
He feels the beer has also let him down,
he suddenly would love to see the children
and go back to the ruins of their marriage.

All that he ever had,  was this sad old marriage,
what are they doing here in this forsaken pub,
when they could be home with both their children?
But what to say, what has he got to offer?
Most likely she would turn everything down.
He needs to get the hell out of this place.

Outside the children bet that there is no more marriage,
as in their parents place they ‘d too prefer the pub
where good stuff’s on the offer. And always the rain is falling down.


Now the water has gone
as done is the sea,
she left her gifts on the shore.
Drifted goods, washed on land,
hand in hand we will see
more and more what she brought,
some weed and some wood
and a beautiful thought
blowing over the sand
to find you and me

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