Marbles of sight

‘The eye is like the weather,’ I tell my eye doctor.
‘I see clouds, mist, flashes of light.’
She looks in my eye that
as always is the case here,
has been dripped with stuff,
and she pokes. Is she taking them out
to have a closer look? She might?
I suspect she has a son who collects marbles.
Am I losing mine? I have visions
of a boy rolling eyes
over the hospital floor.
She then sends me home,
saying that my eye is leaking.
‘Pardon?’ I ask halfway the door.
That my eye is leaking alright,
from behind. The white stuff
is moving in front of my lens.
It might be six months
till it is over, it could get worse
more intense,
I might need a laser,
not sure yet, no worries,
I could get blind. We shake hands
and, as if we are friends now sharing,
‘Have a nice weekend!’ she says.
‘I hope the weather will be fine
and dry, see you again!’
and I walk out, with both my marbles
but a mess.
No, it won’t rain.
Just flashes of lightning,
fog, and the occasional cloud
before dark.
Right now, daylight
is enough to blind me
for hours of fear.
Do I have, will this be,
a retina tear?

I have this cloud and flashes since late June. I am getting used to it 🙂

Comments on: "Marbles of sight" (5)

  1. I really feel for you here! I have been wondering how your eye is; I’m sorry I didn’t ask.

    It is good your sense of humour is still evident. It can be very scary having something wrong with eyes. I have had problems for years.

    And the glaring light that hits in the daylight after having all those drops in!!

    You really made me smile with this one. 🙂

    Love and hugs

    Christine xx

    • Thank you for asking, I think it is not getting worse. But it is not getting better too, still cloud and flashes. A while back my eyes started to see less and less, it was cataract starting so the eye doc said, but then it stopped getting worse, till this happend. I don’t think it is serious though.

      I know you are about to have the op. soon, Not something to look forward to, but I think after all is over, you will be glad you had it done. Seeing well is such a good thing! 🙂

  2. I do hope it all turns out well for you

    Love and Hugs


    • Thank you for the good wishes. If it stays like this, I am not complaining (too much)

      I hesitated to do this poem, well you know why lol, but I think physical decay is part of life and so part of my poems. 🙂

      Love and hugs to you too

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