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We have the house now

We have the house now
and the bed
and if we want,
we can hear the sea,
watch the sunlight
sneak in
and the dark grey sky,
see the rainbow
from our window,
hear the rain.
We have the house now
and the bed.
We’re wed.
We can love now
and find out
it is to be
We have the house, the bed.
We’re wed.
Let’s shout.


I remember well that you came in the room
and how you found me, with your eyes.
Their message, soundless, made me blush as it was rude.
The room was full of others, still it was
as if we were alone, and nude.

I felt your touch upon my skin,
though you were near the window,
and I was near the bar.
I couldn’t move away from it, I couldn’t leave
as you were in the room with me.
Yet you were still too far.

And then I closed my eyes.
I waited till all others left
the room but you.
I waited till you did indeed
caress my skin, opened my eyes
and  let you in.

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