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After deed

No more united our bodies fell back
on the bed, already lonely,
and we heard the rain again,
life went on again, life we were
not part of

We saw again,
as there was light,
then day turned into night.
We didn’t move nor talk,
remaining strangers
awaiting the cold of the dark,
and each on our own.

Future Progressive

When I was 12,
I lost a book one day.
I never knew how
it happened.
I was cycling on my way
to school, when
a woman I didn’t know
looked at me.
She was me. I know that now.

A moment ago I saw the book fall
off the back of my bike, when
I passed me in the street.
It fell in front of my two, older, feet.

I took the book home with me.
Inside it, between page 12 and 13
I found this note:
“One day when I am grown
I want a bookcase that I like,
all for myself, with all my books in it.”

So that is where I put the book.
in the bookcase that I own,
I placed it on the highest shelf.

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