Silence does

It needs music, silence does.
It needs conversation.
It is embarrassing, silence is.
If there is no sound at all, then body
functions can be heard.
Awkward feelings show. Thoughts
emerge. Other senses grow
in sensitivity, and we see
too much, feel too much,
taste too much, smell too much.
It is too revealing, silence.
Please keep talking.
Please let the music play on,
so our crying can’t be heard.
So our pain is smothered
in sound instead of feeling.
Noise. Please let there be noise,
or else
we have to listen.

Comments on: "Silence does" (4)

  1. Wonderful!!

    Silence can be such a scarey place!!


  2. This is expressed wonderfully!

    I feel that the sign of a healthy relationship is when you can both be contentedly silent in each others company.

    Love and hugs

    Christine xx

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