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That part of you

That part of you is sad and will not see the light of day
It’s best left by itself in cellars of the mind to rot away
But still, it’s part of you and, uninvited, there to stay

That part of you will cry, when no one hears, in silent cries
It’s always by itself where wasted memories strain their ties
to keep them part of you, the part that lingers, never dies

Becoming sea

I went outside,
there was a western storm
and water everywhere,
the land had joined the sky
the sea had become land
and when I took a breath
the sea then became me

inspired by the blogger’s nick name “Becoming herself”

fearing nights

I can’t sleep well,
each night I drown, each night I feel a knife
entering me, and I fight for my life
I can’t sleep well
as every night I feel
this pain again,
so real as it was then
and still I know I’m safe
here in this trusted bed
I can’t sleep well
as fear won’t leave my head

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