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I never went to see the grave again

I never went to see the grave again
where I suspect there must be moss
growing over you, and your name engraved,
and someone might have placed a cross,
and there are leaves of cause that cover up the stone.

In Summer, flowers grow there I suppose,
I never saw them, but I see them grow,
some daisies or a wildered, lonely rose.
A bird will sing in Fall, and storms will blow
above you, then the silence comes of Winter,
always followed by the soothing rain,
leaving just a hint there of a scent of you .
I never went to see the grave again.

Poetry of the sea

This is a copy of the posting of August 18 Those who were pondering to add, might have forgotten all about it  🙂 so I try again.

Just an announcement: I have another blog now, with my poems  in English about the sea,  poetry from the sea.

I would love to have more poems there, from other writers. If anyone likes to share their poems linked to the sea as  a guest writer   you are very welcome  :)

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