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That I am not your love

That I am not your love, means nothing grand
the stars won’t mind nor flicker less in space
now there is not a ring to bless my hand

I shall not die of broken-hearted pain
and nowhere  tears will touch my cheek nor chin
The calmest, serene person I’ll remain

And if by  chance I  do feel bad at all
– a minor setback in my balanced life –
I will not go bananas, off the wall
but just become another persons wife

The North Style

I don’t expect rainbows
after each rain,
nor family members who scream
“Surprise!” on my birthday

I do find it pleasant
if they don’t spit
green venom slime in my face
for joy on my birthday

I don’t see attractions
in normal life,
always the sea, and the wind
blows hard on my birthday

It is what it is here
after each rain.
Don’t expect rainbows up North.
At home, this is our way

Sunday morning

His mother had kept the house spotless
and here I came in, divorced and with child,
too tired from having sex with her son.
What to say?
We silently decided I was not the right person
to sit on the sofa with coffee and her.

true story

I got a new book and I showed it my house
I took it outside for a read
Men came by and one vomited
in the neighbour’s garden
but other than that
the day was perfect

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