framed in time

Faces keep staring in sepia frost
fading, younger every year,
their eyes stay
demanding answers
that the room won’t give away.

version 2

Faces keep staring in sepia frost
framed in their own time and long forgotten
their fading faces will one day be lost
like their bones and their flesh will be rotten.

Their eyes are still there demanding answers
the room is reluctant to give away,
the questions growing like untamed cancers
that live in brown wallpaper stains to stay

There is a child, a father, a mother,
and time has no care for their screams at night,
as the house now belongs to another.

version 3:

I watched the sepia faces fade
but their eyes remained,
staring out of the frame
of the picture
demanding answers
I don’t have.

Comments on: "framed in time" (4)

  1. Usually I am from the ‘less is more’ frame of mind, but in this case I prefer the middle version.
    My feeling is that the other two don’t quite tell us enough.
    Just my opinion you understand πŸ™‚



    • πŸ™‚ Thank you for your opinion; I was not too sure I was being clear or too vague. When you write about things, it is different than writing about emotions like love I find now.

      Big hug and love!

  2. Hi INA,

    I am torn between versions 2 and 3! If I hadn’t seen them both then either would have done it for me.

    I think the idea behind the poem is brilliant! I always find that on those old photos the eyes still seem so much alive it is difficult to imagine the person gone.

    Love and (((BIG HUG)))

    • πŸ™‚ Almost faded pictures are fascinating, people from a whole different era, and they were there, that moment, looking at us, long before we were even born!

      love and big hugs! πŸ™‚

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