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Painted glass

I can’t see the inside of the mirror,
it must be a dark place,
as reflections move with the speed of light
to get out of there.
What is behind the surface,
what is there inside the image
that reflects when it has absorbed
your face?
How much of you
is reflected,
how much is glass?
What are mirrors made of?
Just when I knew you,
you dropped the mirror
or did you smash it?
And you fell in thousand
times you, each different,
Glass and aluminium.
Can I keep the piece with your eye?


It takes a rock to hide inside
to be gone, I need to be one with stone
as the cliff of your contempt is hanging over me.
Only there you cannot see me.
I need to be inside the stone.

I spread my body and push
my skin and flesh
inside the granite
till I am gone
torn apart

I wrote this this morning minutes after I read a poem of Dunstan Carter, which is now on poetry from the sea as Dunstan is the first guest writer πŸ™‚ His poems are fantastic!

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