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bits&pieces of love life

I should not talk whilst

Let’s be sensitive now, so don’t mock my good natured ass,
as I won’t discuss size and matter. For worse and better, let’s make love!
And I am sure I can do this position without
laughter, but are you sure we should include a candle? Is your presence not enough?

Okay, put your foot a bit more to the right,
as it is blocking my view,
I want to see the window and the sunset
as I do want a memory after.

Yes I am a romantic at heart? Is that a new?
What was that sound? Don’t tell me.
Shall I read you poetry?

Where are you going?


The untanned band of your finger or: I should not think during

Your eyes did touch me as the moment came
to part for good, when there seemed no future.
You whispered mine, but should have said her name.
You touched the wound and its painful suture.

Your eyes said more than I deserved to get,
I didn’t love just to make you linger.
It was so wrong to think you were not wed;
the ring, a white band, was there on your finger.

I didn’t mean to take what is not mine.
Do not return and make me like you less.
Go now to her, and all shall be just fine.

When the writing starts

This white where letters appear
as reflections of the mind and
attempt to get emotions under control in
words and white spaces,
is making sense in sentences
but maybe only to the beholder.

See how the word “I” has no curves,
straight, lonely and tall and always the same,
be it in the beginning or end of a thought.
Without the company of other words,
it is just a vertical line.

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