The stone

During this cremation ceremony
I saw a little stone, a rock,
in front of me, just out of reach,
it had a blue grey shade.

The fire was not burning yet,
the dead not gone forever,
yet the mood of mourning should not fade
so someone made a moving speech
to kill the time till we could leave.
The idea was to fake grief.

From the birth of the deceased
till his departure of this earth,
all sixty-eight horrific years
were mentioned, nobel deeds were wrought.
He had been good, so we were to believe.

Yet all I saw and thought
was this rock in front of me.

We were no part.
It was the stone upon my heart.

Comments on: "The stone" (7)

  1. Immediately after death of a loved one, and all the subsequent events that occur before the finality of the physical ending sets in … it is amazing what we focus on! And that’s if we even remember it. Yours is the 3rd poem tonight reminding me of the loss of my dad! Hmmm …

  2. Hi Becca,
    the death of a loved one is a very confusing time with real pain to deal with, it is as if everything looks sharper and more raw then, perhaps.

    I am sorry to remind you of that loss!

    A few years ago, I had to attend the cremation of someone I could not bear to be in the same room with when he was alive, hence the stone in this poem I suppose 🙂

  3. This iS good Ina.

    We do have a myriad of feelings when at a funeral.

    I too have been at funerals whereI havent’ even been able to fee sad.

    It feels wrong looking round the congregation and wondering where someone bought the awful outfit, but I guess that’s human and, therefore, part of life.

    Love and a hug
    Christine x

    • 🙂 Thank you very much Christine!
      At this cremation, some one front row had his cellphone ringing by mistake, I felt so relieved to be able to grin 🙂 as I was in the back. 🙂 Horrible lol. For a split second I thought it came out of the coffin 🙂

      Love and hugs

  4. A perfect example of a poem which is clearly emotionally true (honest) without ever having to go into specific detail!! 🙂


    • Thank you, no the details are not important 🙂 I think negative emotions make stronger poems than the cheerfull ones for some reason, not sure why 🙂 Even poems about love are more fun when it goes bad. 🙂

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