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The stone

During this cremation ceremony
I saw a little stone, a rock,
in front of me, just out of reach,
it had a blue grey shade.

The fire was not burning yet,
the dead not gone forever,
yet the mood of mourning should not fade
so someone made a moving speech
to kill the time till we could leave.
The idea was to fake grief.

From the birth of the deceased
till his departure of this earth,
all sixty-eight horrific years
were mentioned, nobel deeds were wrought.
He had been good, so we were to believe.

Yet all I saw and thought
was this rock in front of me.

We were no part.
It was the stone upon my heart.


No, it is no longer here,
your scent has left the building,
a mix of cigarette smoke and forgotten lust.
It left with your last books, old comics,
your one eyed teddy bear
and Beethoven’s dusty bust.
If ever you grow up, don’t tell me.
It is too hard for me to care.
ps I do miss Ludwig.

laundry hazard

So much is certain, but where is it?
At a closer look, certainty seems to shrink.
Maybe I use too much detergent
or too hot water
but my certainties
are getting more and more out of shape.
Maybe it is the tumble dryer?

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