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it was so easy

It was so easy,
we needed nothing
no bed, no matrass
no clothes nor music.
You just had lust
and I, my body,
would soon recover
from wildest moments
and strange positions
and we did not have time
to regret
the lack of food or a bed.

Again I see you
wait for your smiling
and if our eyes meet,
it is so easy.
We still need nothing,
we need once more.

Other words

Much more interesting to me
than all this exploring of the ego,
the self, that poetry seems to be,
is finding words to describe the other,
the person most intriguing.
And I can’t find the right words
in any language I try
as you are always a body away from me,
another mind, other illusions.
What do you think, see, feel
and in what colours.
I can only observe every curve
of your behavior
and draw conclusions.

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