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vaguely acquainted

In the smokey bar I found you,
a vague figure I’d met twice,
but you weren’t really mine
and the looks you gave me
had more to do with love for wine
than me. You liked my eyes.
We ended up as lovers
for a while.
Then you switched
to gin
and brown-eyed
and I started to wear my glasses
instead of drinking them.

entry for thursdays rally august 2011


The waiter silently disagreed
as you were a lot older
but he politely took the tip.

His shoulders
were my father’s.

No, we didn’t make it to the room.

Summer love

It was a milder case of crush.
She looked at him, he smiled at her
and both would mildy blush:
geranium and petunia.

A love not going to happen.


My petunia’s are doing very well this year!

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