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I learned a new word today

We spent many hours at night

talking about how we should be,

how we were, and what we didn’t like,

about the world and relations;

all analysed,  fought for with great passion,

and forgotten when we woke up,

to start a brand new session,

as it was the eighties

and everything was a clusterf*ck discussion.

One big fight.

We now know where we stand.

Let’s spend our remaining time silently


The book is halfway done with me

The book is halfway done with me,
I hesitate to read the rest
as I don’t want to say goodbye
to this what I love best.
I read, then watch the clouds go by
and don’t need more than this,
the clouds they change from head to ship,
the book is halfway done with me
and there is more for me to see,
the clouds they take me on their trip.

The book is halfway done with me
and wants me to read on.
I hesitate to read the rest.
This part of books I love the best.

After your words

The room is too small after your words,

the light too hard, the music out of tune.

It will never be the same painting on the wall,

now I  see the spider’s web in its corner,

and where before the candle burnt

remains a biting stench  that hurts.

Even the view from the window,

has changed. It now is fall.

he meant well

He  set his alarm a little early

so he would be in time

to make sure his wife wouldn’t be disturbed

by the noise of the alarm clock bell.

By the time he realized his mistake,

she was already wide awake

and didn’t take it very well.


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