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Could I give reality a coat

to protect it from the cold,

or a pair of sunglasses

to protect it from angry looks,

I would do so.

But reality keeps confusing everyone

by being plural, while it wants grammar

to believe it is singular,

by showing up in different forms,

sometimes bare naked,

at times as twins  in different dresses.

I can’t help reality,  none of them listens.

The universe in you

I saw the universe in you

when you exploded deep  in me,

and all was then revealed of how eternity moves on

in every molecule whenever a new life is made

this force is understood, and when the Leonids  appeared,

our child was born and life went on.


22 years ago today our son was born, in a night full of falling meteors (the Leonids).


The words have been  washed,

hung on the line to dry

in a specific order,

(maybe I should iron)

and now they are ready

to be worn by the poem.

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