The second time was worth it too

you still remembered,  how and who

and all the words we shouted out  to hurt

before the separation,

they were no longer here,  no more.

No anger when you came,  “encore”,

the second time around was fine and even better,

as learning from the heart is such a  slow

and painful matter.

As learning love by heart is such  a worthy matter.

Comments on: "Encore" (6)

  1. “… learning love b heart is such a worthy matter” – indeed. Wise poem and well done, Ina. Thank you!

  2. The more of your poetry I read, the more complex it becomes. A quick read for pleasure is just that, a pleasure, but as I delve deeper, I see why. Most of your verse has a strong iambic rhythm, and the rhymes and half rhymes are so subtle they fade into the whole. You are very, very good.

  3. I agree with Mike.

    Your poetry is evolving in impressive fashion.

    I really do like this one



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