The lighthouse shines its light in endless beams

to safety from the tempest sea

and when a storm

torments the shore, or mist comes up

it is your guide

for shelter

here with me



Comments on: "lighthouse" (15)

  1. This one was a draft, but I don’t remember why I put it in draft instead of publishing it. I am pondering on that question 🙂 Too small?

  2. christine said:

    I really like this one Ina. I think it says what it means in a few words, which is more powerful, sometimes, than more words. (But I am only a beginner; still I do know what I like)

    Love and hugs

    Christine xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much! I wrote this months ago. I think I would write it different now.

      You and me both beginners then, but I read some of your poetry and it is really very good. 🙂 How is the blog getting on? The big fun is chosing a template! 🙂 Please let me know when you are ready to go public!

      Love and hugs!

  3. christine said:

    Hi Ina,

    I am sort of ready now but have got so far with WordPress and now haven’t a clue what to do next! I think I will have a rest from it. Computer technology is not one of my favourite things!!

    Love and hugs x

    • Computer technology is not my cup of tea either, but wordpress has some logic lol.
      I see you have your gravatar working, that is a good sign 🙂 The dashboard is where all can be found. Appearance is where you decide how the thing looks, etc. I think compared to Blogger, it is better in use. If I can help, please let me know! 🙂 Have fun!

  4. I like the feel of this poem. I also like when a “Storm torments the shore”. Very well written.

  5. Great post today! I really enjoyed reading it. Poetry and creative writing is something we all can enjoy. Thanks again for writing this.

  6. Thank you.

  7. You took me to a place where I was stood under a lighthouse in the dark, watching the beams sweep out to sea above my head.

    A good place to be. 🙂



    • I live quite nearby ours, the one on the pic, called Brandaris (after the Irish missionary Saint Brendan) . The tower, as it is also called here, has always been part of my life, and when I am elsewhere, I really miss the turning beams at night. They seem to protect us 🙂 and they do bring ships to the safety of the harbour. The lighthouse is still occupied by lighthouse men to guide shipping and they also keep an eye on the island.


      • I think it is good to know that the lighthouse is still manned. All ours are now controlled centrally by a computer which I find somewhat sad.

        Although the one I was standing under has had the accommodation converted into flats. It is quite strange to walk past, see the lighthouse white and pristine against the sky with a line of washing fluttering at its base 🙂


  8. They wanted to move the light house crew to another location for safety reasons, it is an old lighthouse (1594) and if there ever is a fire (sic) they would have difficulties in getting the men down stairs. But they decided now to keep them where they are, good thing, as they are the eyes of the island as well.

    Lol, must bee funny to see the washing hanging there 🙂 Nice and homey 🙂

  9. Oh! How very dear. I love it, Ina.

  10. Hi Jamie, thank you very much 🙂

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