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reverie d’amour

As if snow,  the feathers dance,

let me go beyond cool  waters

overcoming thoughts and memories

in caressing linen bed sheets

that are sails, this is a ship now, we’re at sea.

You’re the captain,  and the breeze

that comes in through the window

lift us up, as we are birds now, you and me,

spreading wings over cool waters,

hear the feathers ruffling memories

to the sails, the linen bed sheets

as the breeze  comes through the window,

where the birds  torn up the pillow

 and the feathers now are flying,

caressing, blessing  you and me.

Caressing  feathers, as if snow.



The lighthouse shines its light in endless beams

to safety from the tempest sea

and when a storm

torments the shore, or mist comes up

it is your guide

for shelter

here with me


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