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Dream on

I watch you sleep, you are a different man

with similar features , but far away in  dreams.

What goes on there in your mind?

You say a name (not mine, I admit I hate that feel).

You moan  a bit, you are at ease it seems

I watch you sleep, you different man, are

you happy in your dream? Are you the same

when you are wide awake? Which one is fake?

Or can you both be real?


Feel me shore


Feel me , shore,  feel my waves  rolling towards you,

the salty air  I bring you from a distant coast,

feel  it blowing  over  your  trembling, flying sand.

I roar when I find you again, where you have been waiting.

You take from me what I will give, but never trust me.

I am the sea, feel me all over, take me in

as I take you,  I feel your longing for my strokes, I come and go,

you are my land, mine to consume. To lust me.

I came to you on your command

and for a moment we are one

before the tide  is over and you pay me for my love

with sailors blood and  a mere wreck

so now it is your turn to rule

and I, the sea, I must  withdraw

to let you be for now,  you’ve had your whore.

Hate me for my mist and damp, think  that I am cruel,

but not for long or you will call me back

for more. As you, my lover, are the shore.


entry for bluebellbooks short story slam week 9~~~~~~

It must mean something

The black bird that is sitting

in the neighbours cherry tree

looking curiously at me

as I drink my tea with pleasure,

is thinking the same thing:

what a splendid day for leisure.

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