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The dying ship

A sailing ship alone in time and space

is longing for a way to die at sea.

It is not known to men what did take place

Was there a storm, or was it mutiny?

But known it this:  she is a floating wreck.

The wood is cracking and some sails are torn

and tired seabirds just omit the deck.

The ship moves on, alone and so forlorn.

The night is still, dead’s silence and no waves.

The ship is dying in abandoncy,

the sailor men all found their wat’ry graves.

A full moon shines and spreads a pale blue  light.

There is no blessing for abandoned ships

that sail, not moving in the quiet night.


I got the picture from this site here

I love sailing ships, the pure esthetic beauty of them, the smell and the feeling of freedom I get when I am on a ship.

One of our sons has a job as a mate on this clipper btw  :


entry for poetry potluck week 47 history and stories

The cutting edge

I bought a pair of scissors

to open the hard plastic wrappage of the pen

that I needed  to write a letter to the manufactures of the pen,

as I wanted to let them know

that their wrappage is too tight for my nails,

but I can’t open

the packing of the scissors.

entry for Funny Bunny Fridays post

Super Bohrgerät and birdseed

Birdseed.  I read the word  on a box in the supermarket and try not to associate. In vain.

Thinking of size and matter, taking words literally by the letter, I smile, misunderstood by the oversized gentleman next to me.

He makes a funny gesture that suggests some act of reproduction from his side.

All this at 8.30 in the morning.

Back to reading texts on products and waiting for the queue to move on, I feel the eyes of the man, not so much a gentle one,  who in German asks me my name and whispers he is known as the super drill.  In  German. (Super Bohrgerät)

Birdseed I read,  and I chuckle. Misunderstood and silenced in anger, the super drill goes before it is his turn to the checkout.

Birdseed comes in packages and super drills with layers of fat.

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