Maybe you need to be somewhat crazy to understand  life.

I haven’t been crazy enough to comprehend what there is to grasp.

Reason has nothing to do with existence.

Well, my reasoning hasn’t made me any wiser, that is, nor any more existing, for every answer gives more questions made to shorten life,

like : Why can’t I catch a ferry on a stormy day and still think I am asleep safely in my bed?

It would make the journey so much easier. We humans can think anything we like?

But I can’t.  Not convincingly.

So there is the next question: Why do I think stuff like this? At bloody six in the morning? On this windy quay? Before my coffee?

I don’t understand life and I am feeling seasick already.

I should have stayed safely in bed.  All with a good reason: too many questions emerge at six in the morning!


Comments on: "Thoughts at six in the morning on a windy quay" (4)

  1. This is my new favourite of your poems.

    I was up at six this morning too, but safely ensconced on my sofa with a mug of tea and a cigarette. although thinking the same sort of thoughts – trying to make sense of life 🙂

    And there is no way I could get on that ferry without first having my morning tea!!!!

    Love the photo too – I can feel the wind!!

    Enjoy your journey

    Big Hugs


    • Thank you. This form is a bit on the edge of prose I suppose.
      🙂 Well I am not going away myself today, but my son is. I am working all day as I want to (have to) finish my novel today and I have over 7000 words still to go, I so envy you for your tea&sofa morning! 🙂 It seems six in the morning is the time our minds work the best. 🙂

      Enjoy this day!

      Hugs and love

  2. its the early morning thought that scare us the most i think because we are not fully awake therefore our subconscious is still roaring. its one theory i suppose . i enjoyed reading this.
    have a great day!

    • A very good theory, half asleep plus fresh air is a confusing mix 🙂

      Thank you Luna! Enjoy yours too!

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