The trade

You prayed so hard while we made love

but love did not came from above,

it is a trade, in bed it’s made

as far as you cared anyway then.


The moves, the moaning and the end

an arcade of some bodies bent

a violent action following erection.


To you that was what made the trade.

You came and thought that love was made,

you called it:  heavens satisfaction.


Your  love was not sent from above

as you would throw me down to earth

and made this trade an act of dirt.


How could you call this making love

when you wanted to pay me off

the truth was more than you could bear


You left in tears and went somewhere

you had enough, I didn’t follow.

The trade of making love is just an art of sorrow.


Comments on: "The trade" (9)

  1. J Sirrah said:

    This is an outstanding expression 🙂
    Love this much 🙂

  2. This is very, very powerful.

    It is strange that we call it “making love” when often it is anything but!!!



    • Hi David,

      thank you very much!

      Sometimes it is more “faking love”. ?

      and love 🙂

  3. Or forsaking love…

    I changed the title from “The Trade” to “The Tradesman”. Not sure it is an improvement. I do hate changes!

    • I think “The Trade” was better. 🙂

      Sometimes, of course, it is just f**king but because we don’t want to admit to that we call it ‘making love’. When I read in my paper about well-known people playing away it is always called ‘making love’. I doubt it is anything of the sort!!

      I like your new photograph 🙂

      Take care

      • I changed it back then 🙂 thank you !

        In Dutch ( “liefde bedrijven”) is more like “working love”, also a bit odd. I suppose the best way to describe it is hidden in another language somewhere 🙂

        I was not too sure about changing my gravatar, scary lol. Thank you for liking.

        You take care too, love and hugs,

  4. Excellent work, Ina. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Kay !

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