It was a sunny day

Through  the dark green pine tree tops

the wind whispered your name. It was a sunny day.

A black bird sang a tune not heard before,

another joined in far away.

Suddenly the wind was gone,

the black bird done with it

A never deeper silence came

and time to throw some sand

on your wooden coffin’s lid.

I won’t forget your name.


Comments on: "It was a sunny day" (8)

  1. christine said:

    There is a feeling of inevitability here, a nd a very sad moment in life.
    , the beginning of clinging on to memories.

    I think it is beautifully written

    love and hugs

    Christine x

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much. Somehow I write alot about funerals at the moment. I hope that will pass soon! Esp. on a beautiful sunny day like today it seems to be so gloomy?

      Love and hugs ! 🙂 thanks for visiting!

      • christine said:

        I dont think it is gloomy at all, but a part of life which needs to be acknowledged. If we don’t I think it becomes harder to accept.

        Love and ((hugs))


  2. So sad.

    But, as Christine said, beautifully written



  3. Poignant post ~~

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