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A Sonnet

Those memories of evenings with a friend

need nothing that the memory would spoil,

no  sign that this warm friendship was to end,

not  while we both  did burn the midnight oil.


There was just laughter as I loved your wit

And you liked mine, the jesting puns  intended

with flick’ring lights as  candles all were lit,

the full round moon  just made it splendid.


Then  you no more returned  after that Summer

though  not a quarrel was the guilty part

A heart attack, that really was the bummer

apparently you had a weakened heart


Mem’ries don’t want tears to spoil their grace

Now  you  just faded to a different phase


in remembrance of my dear friend Corrie , who died 23 years ago

This poem had a former edition, that didn’t have the right flow/rhythm. To rewrite this poem, I had great help and advice from  BelfastDavid (David Agnew) , for which I thank him very much  🙂 !

I am not sure this would be a Shakespearean Sonnet now.  Maybe it is a Sonnet? 🙂

entry for thursdays rally

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