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Not gone


Everything you  did


and will be kept inside our memories

safely tucked way for ever

Of all you said and all you made

nothing is gone

Only your presence here

is done


Can I write this down somewhere?


The best thoughts seem to come to me

when I can’t write

In a wobbly train for instance

or during  a passionate embrace at night

Or while attending  a funeral ceremony

when the coffin enters earth

Or it comes to me whilst giving birth

Maybe the best thoughts then are meant to be forgotten

As they were gotten

from  moments more deserving  to remain


Hi Postman!


My son’s room was in need of a cleaning up.

So I decided to take some stuff to the attic,

but because I was going to have  a shower after the job,

I decided to already undress and keep my clothes tidy

 I climbed up the ladder with a box full of kitchen appliances

but then I miss stepped and somehow I ended up here.

So that is why I am lying here naked with  a colander on my head.

Now it is your turn, please explain that  big yellow bird on your shoulder?


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